Take control of your IP and earn more revenue through direct licensing

No more middlemen. Sell the digital products you create on your terms.
Welcome to the democratized, wealthier world of direct media licensing.

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Bypass Distributors’ Restrictions and Fees
Find More Ways to Monetize IP
Maximize Profit from Your Creative Work

Complete Web 3.0 Platform for Direct Licensing of Digital Media

Veriken gives you the advantages of Web 3.0 while still offering a familiar Web 2.0 experience for your customers.

  • Creative content
  • Stock Media
  • Next Gen Collectables
  • Microtransactions
  • Gaming Assets
  • Monetized Streaming Content
  • Any Digital Media You Create!

Managing Licensing shouldn’t be an obstacle to your creative and financial goals

Licensing your own creative work has always been too complicated and expensive. The attorneys, the time it takes - there’s no way to get ahead. So you’re left at the mercy of the big distributor’s licensing terms and fees...right?

Let us craft the right solution for you!

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Maximize the earning potential of your creative works and IP

Licensing is the key to monetizing your creativity and Veriken’s easy-to-manage direct licensing platform lets you set your own terms and unlock new sources of revenue


Flexible Licensing

Blockchain technology helps you create multiple licenses for each products and monetize it in multiple ways,


Cross-Platform Selling

Create your own sales channels for your products and feature them on multiple platforms like Shopify and Vimeo.


Connections with Customers

There’s nomore wall between you and your customers. Buld community and create personalized offers for them.


Visibility into Analytics

At last, the perfomance analytics and behavioral insights hidden by the big distributors are yours to profit from.

Create new opportunities to sell your digital media

B2B Commercial

License your assets using Veriken’s enterprise-grade solution to:

  • Media companies
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Sports Teams and Organizations


Leverage the ability to track consumer behavior at a granule level and create:

  • Access to Premium Content
  • VIP Experiences
  • Hyper-Personalized Content
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The commercial licensing industry is ripe for disruption

Web 3.0 technology puts the power of direct licensing in your hands. Gain creative and financial freedom in selling your digital products.

Web 3.0
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Web 2.0
Direct License Issuance
White Label Capabilities
Integrate with Existing Sales Channels
Creator Controlled License Terms
Wide Variety of Media Types
Secondary License Sales
Unified IP Licensing for B2B & B2C
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“Chris and the whole Veriken team have been incredible in helping us build our ticketing solution for our flagship event, Nearcon. They delivered quickly and always had solutions to our complex requests. We highly recommend working with them!”

NEAR Foundation

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“Finally someone in the web3 space that understands how the real world operates!”

Richard Cardrick

Star-1 Star-2 Star-3 Star-4 Star-5

“Veriken understands how to apply web3 technology and more importantly when not to”

Dan O'Prey

How it works


Set Up Your Product Catalog

Load your creative works into your own storefront, customize your licensing, and create as many products as you can imagine.


Publish Across Your Sales Channels

Sell directly from your storefront, integrate with your own website and leverage platforms such as Shopify to sell products on your terms.


Sell Direct to Your Customers

Those last two words are the key - your customers. This is how it should have been all along, with a direct connection to the consumer.

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Download our Free Guide: How NextGen Collectibles Unlock Additional Revenue Opportunities

    Meet our team


    Chris Clason


    Founder & CEO

    Tech Executive and Blockchain industry veteran with experience at Meta, Broadcom, Dell, and AuthenTec. 

    Skilled in driving revenue growth through customer relationships and strategic partnerships.


    Leonard Sheiba


    Founder & CTO

    Experienced founder of multiple successful startups, adept at developing diverse products in technologies such as AI/ML, Cloud, Containers, and Analytics. 

    Skilled in managing and scaling complex distributed systems.

    White Glove Service for Founding Members

    For a limited time, Founding Members of the Veriken Community will receive step-by-step, White Glove Services in setting up their product catalogs and integrations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of products can be sold with the Veriken Platform?


    Any digital goods or service can be sold with the Veriken Platform, including still photos and videos, which may include license templates for digital media use cases. Customers can also upload their own license agreements to use with the products they create.

    How does Veriken restrict access to paid/premium content so only customers have access?


    Ownership of a token representing rights to a product is verified by the Veriken Platform. If ownership is confirmed, the token holder can then download or access the associated streaming content.

    Do end users need to use crypto currencies in order to purchase items sold through the Veriken Platform?


    End customers can use traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards to purchase Veriken catalog items when sellers use the Veriken Shopify plug-in or integrate with other eCommerce solutions.

    Does Veriken work with my existing hosting services of digital media assets?


    The Veriken Platform provides functionality out of the box and can also be integrated easily with existing media distribution and DRM solutions as needed.

    Do end users already need to have a crypto wallet to purchase items offered through the Veriken Platform?


    No, users do not need a crypto wallet. The Veriken Platform supports the ability to send claim links via email after the payment transaction has been completed. This enables the end user to create a wallet for free if they do not already have one.

    Do users need a crypto wallet to hold assets sold by the Veriken Platform?


    By default users will need a wallet to hold assets purchased with the Veriken Platform. Veriken can also implement a custom solution to fully abstract the wallet from the end user if desired.

    I already have or plan on building a custom website or application but want to leverage the Veriken Platform as my commerce engine, what options do I have?


    We have a wide range of engineering capabilities that can be utilized to develop a custom solution for your use case. Fill out our contact us form and someone will be in touch quickly to discuss your use case.

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    If you are interested or have any questions, send us a message

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